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One conveniently in the kitchen draw, One to take away camping

The Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer™ is the best compact enviro vacuum sealer with re-closable bags.  And it is great with liquids.

The Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer™ contains a commercial-power dual motor system for the best vacuum sealer results. Its revolutionary system uses patented dual-seal Freshkeeper® technology to maximize the freshness of your food storage.  Unlike standard vacuum sealers, ours does not require you to cut and make your own bags, but instead uses zip-top bags that can be vacuumed again and again. Instead of vacuuming and sealing an entire side of the bag, the Oliso Pro unit makes a small incision, pulls the air out, and then seals around the incision. Since the incision has a very small surface area, our vacuum sealer performs much better with liquids than competitor units that seal an entire side. In addition, its compact size makes it easy to store and automatic bag detection make it a breeze to use. 

You will Receive 1 Oliso Pro Smart Vacuum Sealer 95A complete with

    • 3 Medium Vac-snap bags
    • 2 large Vac-snap bags
    • Flexi Tube + Zip Disc
    • Wine+olive oil Freshkeeper
AND 1 Oliso Pro Smart Vacuum Sealer 97A in Carry Case with 
    • 5 large Vac-snap bags
    • Flexi Tube + Zip Disc
    • 12 volt power adaptor
    • The perfect 4WD, camping, hunting and fishing companion.


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