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 The Smoking Gun® Pro is a unique way of adding clean, fresh cold smoke to food items and cocktails. Quickly finish foods with natural cool smoke that you would usually not be able to smoke: butter, oysters, cocktails, salads, chocolate, meringue, yoghurt, ice-cream.

The all-new Smoking Gun® Pro features a large robust housing with stainless steel smoke chamber, variable smoke flow speed and is able to be disassembled for ease of cleaning.  An impressive premium upgrade from the ever popular original domestic Smoking Gun™.

Pack includes: 

    • 2 x 50g Woodchips flavours for the Smoking Gun® Pro
    • 10pk Smoking Gun Filters
(Please note that woodchip flavours may be substituted in case of stock outages)
    • The Polyscience Smoking Gun® Pro

        • One-piece, removable stainless steel smoking chamber
        • Heavy-duty metal blower fan – will not melt when heated
        • Efficient, low-noise motor
        • Excellent for finishing products that are cooked Sous Vide or other methods where food is not normally directly exposed to fire or smoke
        • Runs on 4 AA batteries (included)

    All of our food smoking wood chips are naturally air dried with no additives.

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