LAVA V.350 Premium • Vacuum Sealing Machine (36cm)


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German Made Precision

This vacuum sealer machine is big in power yet compact in size. If you are serious about saving time, space and money in your business, the LAVA V.350 Premium is the ideal solution for you. It’s Made in Germany with stringent quality control and uses the highest-grade materials. This compact performer is fast and perfect for restaurants, cafes, the entire food industry and a wide range of small businesses. You’ll get sturdy stainless steel housing. Precision sensors and gauges, plus a wide 36cm sealing bar that creates strong triple seals. Three seals mean total peace of mind that air can’t get in and liquids can’t leak out.

The approximately 11 kg weight clearly underlines the solid built-in technology designed for durability and high performance. The top-of-the-range Lava Turbo Pump (LTP) achieves a vacuum of at least -0.94 bar and an excellent 35 l/min. pump suction volume.

Thanks to the LCS (Lava Closing System), you don’t have to hold or press down the lid for the operation. You only close and open the lid. That’s it!


Brand: LAVA
Model: V.350 Premium
Power (Wattage): 900 Watts
Voltage: 220V to 240V / 50Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH): 470 x 280 x 120 mm
Weight: 11 kg
Power of Vacuum Pump: 35 Ltr / min.
Max Vacuum Pressure: -0.94 bar
Pressure Indication: Precise Pressure Gauge
Packing and Sealing Operation: Up to 1000 seals in series without overheating
Anti-Sliding-Feets 4
Housing: Stainless Steel
Colour: Silver
Weld Seam: Triple
Sealing Bar Length: 360 mm

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