Hekelman Aero 35+ Vacuum System


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New from Henkelman - Aero vacuum sealer

State of the art, innovative, robust vacuum packaging machine with a slick design. Easy control interface. 3 adjustable setting programs. Precise vacuum settings with sensor pressure control. Standard soft-air after seal. Faster Packing Cycle. Comprehensive maintenance menu. Service alarm. Clean Oil function. 3 years warranty.

For precise results
Innovative, robust vacuum sealer with a slick design. Easy control interface with 3 adjustable setting programs. Precise vacuum packaging settings with sensor pressure control. Standard soft-air, liquid control optional.

Aero 35+ - Compact vacuum sealer for a fast and precise result

Chamber dimensions (L x W x H): 370 x 350 x 150 mm
Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 543 x 451 x 454 mm
Seal bar (L): 350 mm
Pump capacity: 16 m³/h
Machine cycle: 15-30 sec

3 program memory
Standard Vacuum Sensor control
Hygienic design with round edges and soft touch controls
Standard Double 3.5mm seal wires
Free options: Cut-off and Wide seal
Standard Soft Air
Intuitive operation
New hinge system

New from Henkelman vacuum packaging the Aero range of vacuum sealers introduces a strong focus on hygiene, simplicity, elegance and most importantly durability in commercial kitchen and butchery environments. Serviceability is built-in to each and every Henkelman vacuum packaging machine to reduce down time during servicing. Henkelman vacuum machine components are designed on a standard gauge system to streamline our dedicated service technicians day to day work giving longer vacuum machine life expectancy.

Vacuum packaging liquids is a breeze when adding the option liquid plate which easily locates against the seal bar. The vacuum packaging liquid plate by Henkelman is design to remove the issue of liquid filled bags slipping down behind the seal bar during vacuum packaging that can cause spills and loss of product. Henkelman's innovative liquid plate design makes vacuum packaging of liquids a user friendly experience.

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