Chamber vacuum bags 110 mm x 150 mm for Sous Vide Cooking


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Packet of 100 chamber vacuum bag 110mm x 150mm

Vacuum bags in packets of 100 for chamber type vacuum sealers

Henkelman Jumbo 35 vacuum sealer

Our sous vide vacuum bags are suitable for cooking in water baths and immersion circulators up to 95C. To use these vacuum bags, you require a chamber vacuum where the whole vacuum bag is placed inside the unit and then the lid is shut. BPA free, soft plastics recyclable.

These vacuum bags will not work with direct vacuum sealers where you place only the open end of the bag into the vacuum sealer and the rest of the vacuum bag is outside of the vacuum machine. If you have this type of sealer, please go to our channel vacuum bags.

Not suitable for use with domestic vacuum sealers.

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