Food plating Chefs Round-tip Tweezers by Clifton Food Range

Round-tip-tweezers: CFRTMT130 – 130mm Round tip

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Food plating Chefs Round-tip Tweezers by Clifton Food Range

Handle your food better, with more care and accuracy.

These food plating tweezers are designed to accurately handle, cook an plate small delicate items, including herbs, edible flowers and delicate fried garnishes.

Clifton Food Range® chefs’ tweezers are designed for aiding the cooking, dressing and presentation of dishes. These tweezers are fast becoming an indispensable piece of equipment for chefs who rely on working quickly with precision. They allow the chef to assemble intricate compositions on the plate with ease and consistency every time.

The micro tweezers are a great addition to the pastry section enabling the chef to handle tempered chocolate without touching it with their warm hands. They are ideal for intricate tasks such as sugar craft and hot sugar work.

Tweezer tongs are much easier to handle than conventional tongs as they are more refined and give more control when in use. They aid the turning of food especially when hot spitting fat is produced, as they keep hands a good distance away from the pan. The tweezers are also ideal for removing items from the vacuum bags when cooking sous vide.

Clifton tweezers help control the look and presentation of the dish and also the way the dish tastes. Chefs can position stronger tasting herbs exactly where they want them to ensure the consumer gets the right flavours at the right time.

All Clifton tweezers are made from high quality stainless steel and the micro tweezers will fit neatly into the sleeve pocket of the chef’s jacket.

Hand made in the UK

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