Clifton Food Range Stainless Steel Lid for the 56 litre Immersion Circulator

Circulator-lid: Flat Stainless Steel Lid with handle to suit 1/1 Gastronorm Tank - 28Ltrs

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Stainless steel lid to fit the gastronorm tank when using the Clifton portable clip on 56 litre sous vide immersion circulator. Built to provide insulation when cooking sous vide, ensuring water is not lost through evaporation when doing long slow cooks.

These accessory lids will fit a range of standard 1/1 or 2/1 gastronorm containers for use with the Clifton 56 litre portable clip on sous vide immersion circulator.

Made from high quality stainless steel the lid has an insulated, easy grip handle and a cut away section where the immersion circulator will sit. The lid is easy to place over the tank and can be removed quickly and easily during a busy service.

The lid will provide insulation when cooking sous vide to ensure water is not lost through evaporation.

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