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At Home with Sous Vide is easy to read and covers topics such as the reasons for using the technique, equipment, food safety and contains over 70 recipes from the very simple to more challenging.  You don’t need a science degree or a chef qualification to understand the recipes as this beautiful cookbook is written with the home cook in mind. A truly international flavour, the books recipes span a number of cuisines demonstrating the breadth of use and acceptance of sous vide worldwide.
At Home with Sous Vide is an easy to read step-by-step cookbook that celebrates the gentle art of sous vide or low temperature cooking. From simple salads to easy dinner recipes for beginners to more elaborate dishes for the confident cook, At Home with takes this amazing new style of cooking out of the restaurant world and into the home. Discover the way an exact approach to cooking can transform food, and the incredible flavour and texture that can be achieved when cooking meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and even fruit sous vide.

Director of Sous Vide Australia, teacher and chef, Dale Prentice provides 74 easy-to-follow recipes, including 37 dishes from some of the world’s most renowned chefs, restaurants and sous vide enthusiasts, each recipe is beautifully photographed and broken down into step-by-step components. 

Recipe contributions by:

  • Shannon Bennett, Melbourne
  • James Blight, Melbourne 
  • Madalene Bonvini-Hamel, London
  • Marsha Busse, Melbourne
  • Raymond Capaldi, Melbourne 
  • Ryan Clift, Singapore
  • Roberto Cortez, Washington
  • Stefan Cosser, London 
  • Kerby Craig, Sydney
  • Dallas Cuddy, Singapore 
  • Patrick Dang, China 
  • Andrew Dargue, London 
  • George Diamond, Sydney 
  • Adam Draper and Emma D’Alessandro, Melbourne 
  • Wylie Dufresne, New York 
  • Mark Ebbels, Singapore 
  • Brad Farmerie, New York 
  • Harold Fleming, Brisbane 
  • Anthony Fullerton, Brisbane 
  • Florent Gerardin, Melbourne 
  • Bruno Goussault, USA 
  • Jarrod Hudson, Melbourne 
  • Jason Logsdon, Connecticut 
  • J. Kenji López-Alt, New York 
  • Christine Manfield, Sydney 
  • Garen Maskal, Melbourne 
  • Philippe Mouchel, Melbourne 
  • Nathan Myhrvold , Washington 
  • Spencer Patrick, Port Douglas 
  • Darren Purchese, Melbourne 
  • Tom Randolph, Perth 
  • David Roberts, Melbourne 
  • Michael Ryan, Beechworth 
  • Wayne Smith, Tasmania 
  • Joe Strybel, Illinois 
  • Pablo Tordesillas, Brisbane

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