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The Breville Commercial Anti-Griddle is a essentially a -34°C cold plate that flash freezes creams, sauces, purees, yogurt, and other liquids and semi-solids. It’s an easy-to-use tool for adding further imagination to your menu or presentations. For example, the Ritz Carlton Sarasota in Florida uses the Anti-Griddle at receptions. Executive Chef Frederic Morineau says guests get a kick out of seeing a liquid transform into a solid right before their eyes.

The Grant Achatz inspired tool was designed to make a rapidly cooling surface that would give liquids and semi solids a crispy crust and a creamy interior. But imagine the possibilities it has created in the kitchen. To make an olive oil “cracker,” most chefs would bake some sort of crisp fortified with oil. Achatz uses the antigriddle to freeze the oil itself into a wafer.

Expanding your culinary creativity.

The resulting flash freezing enables you to quickly turn sauces, purees, crèmes, vinaigrettes and other foods into very different solid or semi-frozen creations. Cool, creamy centres and crunchy surfaces can be created in just seconds with the Breville Commercial Anti-Griddle featuring a -34.4°C plate that allows rapid unidirectional freezing.

The Anti-Griddle flash freezing technique, originally inspired by Chef Grant Achatz, allows you to easily prepare appealing dual-texture creations and explore an entirely new culinary realm. The possibilities are truly endless.


The Anti-Griddle’s flat, ultra-cold work surface lends itself to three basic techniques: (1) freezing just the bottom surface of the item, leaving the top cool or at room temperature; (2) flipping the item over and freezing both the top and bottom, creating crunchy surfaces with a creamy centre; and (3) freezing everything solid. Some chefs even use the Anti-Griddle to create layered dishes consisting of different foods, flavours, and textures. You can also use the Anti-Griddle to create freeform shapes, such as initials, by piping thick liquids onto its surface much as you would decorate a cake.  Just how solid the food becomes depends on its freezing point, thickness, and how long you leave it on the freezing surface. For example, you can squeeze freshly made crème anglaise onto the Anti-Griddle, lay a stick in the thick cream and then turn it with a spatula to create a frozen crème anglaise lollipop with a still-creamy centre.

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