Breville|Polyscience The Ultimate Smoking Kit

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Breville|Polyscience The Ultimate Smoking Kit combines the best in smoking equipment for your cold smoking ventures.  Includes the Breville|Polyscience Smoking Gun Pro, Breville|Polyscience handcrafted Cloche, 2 aromatic woodchips and filter replacements.   

Smoking Gun Pro®.
The Breville|PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro is loved by professional chefs, mixologists, and home cooks alike. With its ability to simply elevate any dish, the reasons are clear.
Smoking Gun Pro Cloche
Made of borosilicate glass handcrafted in Spain the Smoking Gun® Pro Cloche has a BPA free silicone one-way valve through which to administer and retain smoke for infusing into food and cocktails.

Refill Filter and Woodchips
1 x Packet of 10 Filter replacements
1 x 50 gm pack of Pecan Woodchips
1 x 50 gm pack of Hickory Woodchips


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