Henkelman Boxer 42 Vacuum Sealer


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One of the quality Henkelman Vacuum Sealer range, the Boxer 42 provides greater depth and a longer seal bar for those needing a larger chamber for their vacuum sealing purposes.  A quality modern tabletop vacuum sealer with a user-friendly Advanced control system, maintenance function and proven packaging achievements.

Henkelman Boxer 42

The Henkelman Boxer 42 is a modern tabletop model with proven packaging achievements.  It has user-friendly Advance Control System and maintenance functions, allowing easy use of the full product. Items sealed in a vacuum bag will have a longer shelf life, optimal hygiene and no contamination of the product. The sealer hermetically seals the bags, preventing any bacteria entering, the loss of moisture and mould growth. The value of the product is sure to be prolonged when vacuum-sealed with the Henkelman Boxer 42. 
  • Table model
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Stainless steel deep-drawn vacuum chamber for optimal hygiene
  • Transparent lid
  • Easily removable wireless sealing bar in vacuum chamber
  • Insert plates for adjusting vacuum chamber height Packaging
  • Optimal final vacuum 99.80% (2 Mbar)
  • Single Seal – 1 x 3.5 mm convex sealing wire and 1 x 1 mm cut off wire for optimal moisture elimination and hermetic seal
  • Advanced Control System - fully programmable
  • STOP button for partial/full cycle interruption
  • Digital maintenance program for pump
  • Insertable plate for packaging liquid products



  • Hose connection for external vacuuming food containers
  • Service kit for standard maintenance



Machine cycle:
20-40 sec.

Dimensions – Internal (H x W x D):
180 x 370 x 420 mm

Dimensions – External (H x W x D):
430 x 480 x 525 mm external

Seal Bar Length:
420 mm

230V, 1-50Hz

0.55 kW

Pump Capacity:
21 m3/h

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