Clifton at Home Sous Vide Waterbath

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The Clifton at Home sous vide waterbath has earned a place in your kitchen.

  • Family size with a small footprint
  • Quality Hand Crafted
  • Energy Saver Cooking
  • Your choice of 6 colours to match your kitchen
  • Professional results
  • 0.1℃ precision 

When cooking sous vide, nothing produces such spectacular results as a temperature controlled water bath. That’s why Clifton have adapted their professional water bath to create a sous vide for the home kitchen, manufactured using the same precision technology.

Family Size

The 8 litre water bath is ideal for cooking family meals and will hold approx 8-10 120g portions.  Prepare a week’s worth of food in advance.

Energy Saver Cooking

Low energy consumption means the bath will hardly affect your monthly bills, especially when taking into account the energy saved when not cooking with conventional equipment.

Sleek and space-saving design

The Clifton at Home water bath fits in with its surroundings, and doesn’t dominate the kitchen. Our water bath is about the size of a large toaster, or half the size of a microwave, and comes in a choice of six colours to match your other appliances. Each Clifton at Home bath comes with an easy-use ‘lift off’ lid and a heat-proof handle in signature orange, just like our professional range.

Highly accurate temperature cooking

Cooks at a consistent temperature and gives accurate readings to within 0.1℃. Using convection heating, the water heats up to the same temperature throughout the bath, leaving no cold spots. This ensures that food cooks evenly for sous vide perfection.

Intuitive Design

Times and temperatures can be easily set and monitored using the digital touch screen control panel, with step-by-step instructions to guide you through.

Professional results

Built to the same technical standards as a professional Clifton sous vide bath, our domestic water baths can deliver an exceptional restaurant style food experience. 

Features and specifications

We’ve developed our water bath with new and exciting features to ensure a smooth cooking process every time. The Clifton at Home sous vide bath will display alerts in the case of low water levels or a power cut, and your settings will be saved even when the bath is switched off.



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