Sous Vide Light Commercial Pack


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If you are a small cafe or restaurant that has just cottoned on to the benefits of sous vide, whether we are talking about the scrumptious results of the method, or its ability to increase the size of the kitchen capacity, then this pack is for you.

Polyscience 300 Series Vacuum Sealer with easy to use features including 3 preset buttons, timed vacuum, marinating cycle and liquid vacuuming.  A chamber vacuum machine, you will save on bag costs and have greater versitility than most direct vacuum sealers.

Breville | Polyscience Hydro Pro Plus is the newest circulator to come onto the market featuring digital display, sleek waterproof body, 45ltr capacity.  A move into the 21st century this circulator is powerful, accurate and intuitive making it easy to use.

30Ltr Cambro Container with a custom cut lid to suit the circulator and reduce evaporation.

Chamber vacuum bags to get you started.  BPA Free food grade bags, you will receive 100 each of sizes 150x200, 200x300, 250x350.

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