Middle Eastern Lamb Rump

Perfectly cooked medium lamb rump finished in a pan or on the barbeque giving it a pleasant smokiness and making it a very quick dish to start an outdoor gathering. Best served as a share platter in the Mezze style, accompany with generous slices of good crusty bread. The lamb can be sliced thinly and served on ciabatta garnished with the cheese and carrots to easily turn this in to finger food.

Serves 4 as entrée

Peppered rosemary oil
3 sprigs              Rosemary
½ teaspoon        Black pepper
60 ml                  Pure olive oil

Middle Eastern spice rub (makes extra store in an air tight container)
1 tablespoon      Black pepper
2 teaspoons       Coriander seed
2 teaspoons       Cumin seeds
1                         Cinnamon stick
8                         Cardamom seeds
1                         Star Anise
1 teaspoon         Grated nutmeg
1 tablespoon      Ground paprika
½ teaspoon        Ground Clove

For the lamb and carrots
2 x 250gm          Lamb rumps
2 sprigs              Thyme
2                         Large carrots
20 gm                 Butter
Allspice ground

100 gm               Yarra Valley Dairy Persian Fetta

Toast the rosemary sprigs in a low oven until the leaves become brittle, about twenty minutes.  Strip the leaves from the rosemary and mix with the pepper in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle Grind to a coarse powder. Warm 40 ml of the oil to 40⁰C and stir in the ground pepper and rosemary. Remove from the heat and allow to infuse for one hour before correcting the seasoning.

Peel the carrots and cut in to discs 6 mm thick. Place in a vacuum pouch in a single layer with the butter, a pinch of ground allspice and salt to taste. Seal the pouch on the highest setting in a vacuum machine and cook in a water bath using your PolyScience immersion circulator at 83⁰C for one hour.

Grind all of the whole spices for the spice rub in a spice grinder and mix in the ground spices.  Lower the temperature of the immersion circulator to 58⁰C. Trim any sinew or excess fat from the lamb rumps and rub a teaspoon of the spice mix all over the rump.  Seal the rump in a vacuum pouch with the remaining oil and thyme sprigs on medium and cook in the pre-set water bath for 30 minutes.

To finish remove the lamb from the water bath and allow to rest in the bag for ten minutes.  Heat the Barbeque, open the lamb pouch and place the two rumps on the bbq. Leave the rumps on each side just long enough to colour and develop a smoky flavour about two minutes each side, season with salt to taste. Remove the lamb to a cutting board when nicely browned. Cut open the carrot and tip the entire contents of the pouch with the carrots into a hot pan. Sauté the carrots until they start to brown tossing the carrots in the pan to coat in the pan juices.

To serve crumble the feta in a line down a plate, arrange the carrots. Slice the rumps in four each and arrange, spoon a little of the pan juices over the lamb and finish with a drizzle of the peppered rosemary oil and flake salt to taste.